PRAXIS | D2M – Design Digital Manufacturing

Bezalel Academy, Industrial Design Excellence Graduates Team. Teaching Assistants, and cooperation with Academy Examine the relationship between technology and design, through the research process.

Department of Industrial Design, Bezalel

DM* – Digital Manufacturing, it is the new Design and Production tools,  brings new ability to make unique and tailor made products with Mass Production possibility.

We forming a Body of Knowledge, which specializes in Digital-Manufacturing Technologies, whichever develop the research method, development of technologies, identifying relevant areas and implementation of these technologies, as an industrial production of this days.

Bringing the digital manufacturing domain, closely to the Academy, with the understanding, that Academy is a part of the new industrial revolution, Thereby affecting the production and the products.

Each member, study a different topic of “Digital Manufacturing Technologies” in the design field, to examine “how technology affects Design and backward.”
We believe that “Digital Manufacturing Technologies” become more relevant than ever, removing the gap between Design and Production, an Innovative, game-changing platform of Industrial Design and design discipline in general.






Hila Mor

“Research and learning are leading my work. I learn from history, ancient wisdom and natural biological phenomena. Implementation of my insights is by looking to the future, using and developing new technologies.”


Guni Kofman

“Using cutting adage technology in with Algorithmic CAD software,  provides flexibility to design with Digital Manufacturing, using a robotic arm and CNC milling.


Alexander Geht

“Thorough understanding of  Technology allows to design more intelligently and provides the ability to create wise solutions for complex problems.”